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Laurel Pretorius - 10 Plus Media

Copywriting for online marketing & target audience analysis

Copywriting for online marketing: Writing for your target audience

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Are you struggling to find the right customers? Perhaps you’re marketing to the wrong audience. Online Content 101: The only audience you should be writing for on your website, blogs and social media is your customers. Tell your customers what they want to hear. Give them what they want. But first be sure that you understand your target market. Once…

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5 reasons why you should offer free eBooks in your sales funnel

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Why do eBooks offer incredible value in a sales funnel? First, they are the veritable bait luring in the hungry lead. If your customers are going online to find information that is relevant for their needs (which is what 90% of consumers are doing) you have to be able to give it them. If you don’t, they will go somewhere…

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Match your marketing plan to your sales funnel

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Sales funnel methodology is an ideal match for online marketing. If you’re hanging with other business people you’ve probably had conversations about the importance of marketing online and sales funnels. If this makes you feel a little out of your depth, don’t stress. Here we explain how the concept of a sales funnel is a simple and very effective strategy…

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3 Steps to building a successful social media strategy

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“Why use social media for business? Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”  These are the words of Seth Godin, marketing guru. So are you one of those business owners who’re still thinking, “Is a social media strategy really necessary for my business?” With social media now the mainstream marketing platform…

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