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Business-smart online marketing

When you need effective online marketing, where do you go for help? Perhaps you would choose a big name digital agency. And we agree, South Africa’s top marketing agencies are doing amazing work. But here’s the thing:

Size doesn’t count. Not when it comes to choosing a marketing agency.

What does count is a practical and well-executed plan to feed your sales funnel. So does the business savvy of the team you work with. After all, you don’t just need people who are creative and skilled; you also need people who can understand your business, figure out what will work best for your particular needs and give you excellent advice. This is what we do.

We don’t start our consults by launching straight into websites or social media campaigns, or any of the other elements of an online marketing campaign.

Instead we first get to grips with business issues – like your marketing plan, online marketing strategy, the resources on hand, your budget, your sales targets, what your customers need, how you solve their problems, CRM or measuring ROI.

Marketing only works effectively if it’s integrated into your overall business model. So we start by by understanding your challenges and advising on practical and effective marketing solutions that will help you meet your business objectives.

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Reach your customers online

Online marketing needs to reach your customers where they are – on social media, on websites, on search engines, blog sites, community forums, information hubs, e-commerce sites, and more.

And when you’ve grabbed their attention you have to retain their interest with relevant information, great experiences and personal customer journeys.

Then, after they’ve become your customers, you can continue the online experience to build loyalty and retain their custom.

We help our clients to implement online engagement processes that get their customers spiraling down the classic sales funnel.

  • Social media extends your market reach and starts the engagement at the top of the funnel.
  • Websites strengthen the engagement, reinforce the experience and drive conversion and sales.
  • E-mailers, newsletters, e-books and e-zines support the customer journey.
  • Conversions and sales channel customers into the bottom of the funnel.
  • And then the process starts again with a customer retention strategy.

To get the right results, your online marketing process needs to be integrated, measurable and cyclical. Each element affects the performance of the next. This is what we do best – connected marketing strategy using online tools to reach your market and get more customers.

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